Walden Farm Road

After living overseas and around the states my husband and I call Walden Farm home. We live with Gramps (93) whose roots go deep. He proudly states that his great great great grandmother, Deborah Walden, arrived in these parts on an oxcart with three children in tow to keep house for her father. She was the first pioneer woman in Greenville, Maine.  Gramps is a storyteller and I am having a grand time writing down his stories.

3 Responses to Walden Farm Road

  1. Susan L. Suchar says:

    Viv is recording Uncle Boonie stories brilliantly. Something we nieces and nephews been going to do for years, but he wasn’t too sure about being tape recorded. Kudos to you Viv. We are all so thrilled that you are doing this.

  2. Carol Driscoll says:

    Vivian, It was such a treat to see you, your husband Kimball, and his dad Ed Walden at the Greenville airport today. My son, Parker, Is already saying he’s looking forward to next year’s fly-in, and hopes to see Ed there again. I do too. Continued health and happiness to you all, -Carol

  3. Gordon hall says:

    I would love reading the stories about Ed Walden. Gordon Hall / gordonhall3@comcast. net

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