Gramps Hitchhikes to Town in his Wheelchair


We came home the other day and Gramps told us nonchalantly that he had hitchhiked to town.

Well, he said, I was alone and I wanted to go to breakfast at the Legion Hall because I was hoping to see  a lady (I knew it!) who might be there. Her name is Major Maybe and maybe I ‘d get a chance to play cards with her. 

So I got myself ready, wheeled out the door and hurried down my ramp just as a neighbor drove by. I never even got to put my thumb out and I had a ride.

He put my wheelchair in the back of his truck and dropped me off at the Legion Hall. I had coffee and doughnuts with the other old vets. We shared local scuttlebutt, grumbled a little and checked up on each other.   Major Maybe came in and beat me at cribbage. I stayed until noon which is closing time and then a young fellow was kind enough to give me a ride home in his shivering Chevrolet truck. 

I was lucky to get there and I was lucky to get home.

So tired was I the next day I slept until 11, only rousing with a desire to go visit a lady at the nursing home.

That was another adventure. I brought with me with a change of clothes (just in case) and a cribbage board in a little green suitcase.  My friend, Duane, drove me over to the nursing home. Immediately, I began to look for someone to talk to.

Suddenly, I realized the staff girls looked upset, confused and worried. They were frowning and conferring together. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. I had been there several times before. So I said, What’s the matter?

Well, said one, why do you have your suitcase?

 Then it dawned on me. They thought maybe my family had dropped me off for good!

 I’m not here to stay, I said, this case contains some games and a change of clothes in case I need them. Were they happy to hear that! So we had a good laugh together; I finished my visiting and got a ride home. 

And the adventures of Grandfather continue. I wonder what exciting, humorous shenanigans he’ll get into tomorrow on his 95th birthday.



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2 Responses to Gramps Hitchhikes to Town in his Wheelchair

  1. Janna Bruner says:

    I love these great posts. This reminds me of the book, The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared.

  2. marsha & lew hartz says:

    Yay Eddie!! Never a dull moment w you! I’ve seen you with th ladies at the Legion Hall they really flock to you! Happy Berfday, toots!!!

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