Gramps Goes to Washington, DC!

gramps reading mag

Gramps looking at the plane he will be flying in on Friday

When Gramps volunteered for the Army in 1942 and reported for duty at Valley Forge, he had to pass a physical exam along with all the other young men. Well, said the doc, ‘Anything wrong with you?’ In the spirit of honesty Gramps said,’I have been told I have flat feet.’

‘How many?’ asked the doc. ‘Two’, replied Gramps. ‘Alright, you’re in,’ said the Doc, and waved him on, ‘Next!’

After 5 or 6 months at Yale University which had transitioned to the AAFTTC – the Army Air Force Technical Training Command, Gramps was commissioned as a second lieutenant. Tony Bennet, the famous singer, was the first person to give him a salute and as was the custom, Gramps was obliged to give him a dollar.

He then volunteered for overseas duty, spent three years in the South Pacific where he served as an engineering officer and aircraft mechanic and was promoted to first lieutenant.

This weekend Gramps is flying to Washington, DC, along with 44 other WW2 vets, to be honored for his service. He’ll tour the memorials and as he says, he’ll close his eyes and remember what he fought for.

Our Gramps getting ready for Washington

On the flight home from Washington, there will be a mail call and the veterans will receive letters and notes of thanks from friends and family. Because we found out about this opportunity late, we have not had the time for folks to send letters for our Gramps. However, any of you who would like to send him a note of appreciation can send me a facebook message or email  at Mark it for Gramps and I will print these off and make sure there are plenty of letters for Gramps at mail call! The last day to do this is tomorrow, Thursday, the 29th since he leaves on Friday.

We’re proud of Gramps and happy he has this opportunity to go with Honor Flight Maine to remember and be honored for his service to the United States of America!


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4 Responses to Gramps Goes to Washington, DC!

  1. marsha and lew hartz says:

    congratulations, Ed. thanks so much for your service. our beloved country remains free because of souls like you. We’re proud of you!

  2. marsha hartz says:

    congratulations, Ed!  hold your head proudly!  we are so grateful for your honorable service to keep our be loved country free.  Thank you.  Lew and Marsha Hartz

  3. Kelly says:

    Congratulations on being honored and remembered for being a war veteran. We are grateful you were willing to stand for the freedom of our country and our people. Our daughter is married to an Airforce man who is doing mechanic work at Seymour Johnson AFB in NC. Go Airforce!

  4. Dennis and Laureen Lawrence says:

    I’ve just been reading some of these for the first time. Thank you Mr. Walden for your service. Thank you Vivian for preserving history! Laureen

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