In which Gramps is for the Birds

Gramps is 93 and he sees things a little differently than I do. His vision, thanks to a small laser op, is 20 20. But I’m only partly talking about physical eyesight. Some things you see with your memory, desire or imagination.

IMG_3278Case in point #1- This is the table where Gramps likes to breakfast on sunny days.  It is anchored to the porch with an old 50 pound piece of lead – which weighs more than it did when he was young, so Gramps says. Anyway, that keeps the table from being pushed around by the wind. IMG_3280In the same theme, he added the hand polished steel holders so that on a blustery  day the napkins don’t blow away. I may see this as a bit tacky but it is a testament to Gramps’ problem solving ingenuity and his desire to sit outside in the sun after a long winter.

Case in point#2 – This is a piece of ugly fat called suet that Gramps puts out for the birds.IMG_3288 The old butter container is also filled with suet- in case some birds prefer pecking at their fat from a dish, I guess. I see this and think how gross it is. But Gramps sees that the birds will come. And they do – the chickadee, nut hatchers, woodpeckers, purple finch, house finch, orioles –  they come and enjoy that fat – and Gramps watches them with joy and satisfaction.

Sometimes it is refreshing to see things from another point of view. If you are in the area, come sit at our table that will not blow away ever and watch the happy birds feasting on the fat while Gramps tells a story or two. Or three. Or several.

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1 Response to In which Gramps is for the Birds

  1. Kathie Taggart says:

    Hi, Don’t know if you remember me,
    I was married to Cy Ludwig and Gretchen, Adam and Samantha are my kids. Your post of “Winter at Walden Farm Road 1937” gave me an idea for a Christmas present. I would like to print and frame it for my kids. Would it be possible to send the img_0119.jpg to my e-mail? I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough for it. We love your post and I for one intend to read one of the stories at our thanksgiving meal. Our best wishes for a warm and loving thanksgiving day for you and yours, Kathie

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