The Miserable Wonderful Fishing Day with Uncle Stan – and his woods coffee recipe


The making of Uncle Stan’s woods coffee is an exact science. First, take an old blackened coffee pot. Put in some coffee and sugar. Add an egg, smashed shell and all. Stir around and put the whole thing in your knapsack along with some potatoes and salt pork. Now you head out on your fishing expedition and when the time is right, it all goes on the campfire.

When the time is right is the key phrase here. First, you must tramp through the woods to the allocated fishing spot, preferably in the rain. Part of a good day’s fishing is being miserable. Cold and shivering when you finally reach the Pond you have chosen, you find a wooden raft that is just barely floatable and with a stick as an oar, row to where you know the fishing is good on the Pond.

The rain is pouring down in buckets now and the black flies won’t leave you alone. You’re miserable but you are with Uncle Stan and you’re catching fish! Just when you think you can’t take another black fly bite or rivulet of cold rain going down your neck, you’re shivering like anything and your fingers are all withered up from the cold and rain, you hear the call. ‘Lunch on!!!’

The smell of coffee, trout and potatoes makes you forget you are cold and wet and you’re so happy and euphoric in anticipation of the marvelous meal that you become almost fond of the black flies. Your mouth waters as you wait for your serving of this ambrosia, this nectar of the gods.

Uncle Stan serves you your portion of this delectable repast on a tin plate. The potatoes are cooked just right, the fish perfectly fried and the coffee is marvelous! You came off the pond so miserable, cold, wet, shivering and fly bitten and now you sit around the fire eating and chatting with Uncle Stan. There is nothing like it. You cannot describe how pleasant the day was.

Later you trudge home in the presence of that kind man, culinary expert and wonderful storyteller, Uncle Stan, wondering at your good fortune at having such an enjoyable fishing experience that you will remember it with clarity and fondness even when you are 94!


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