Walden Farm has long had a tradition of hospitality and storytelling.  Before the turn of the century, Abby Varney Walden took in paying summer guests who enjoyed the restorative peace of the Maine countryside. Abby made a little extra money to buy for her  family what she could not grow or make. Bessie Cummings Walden of the next generation continued the tradition whilst raising five children.

That was over seventy years ago but Walden Farm is again taking in guests. For more information go to our lodging page on our website. We hope to honor the inscription on the gravestone of Nathaniel Haskell, our ancestor and a first settler of this beautiful land. ‘I opened my door to the traveler and the stranger did not lodge in the street.’

You can read about these lovely folks on our blog. Grandfather (aka Gramps, Boonie or Eddie) is the youngest of Bessie Walden’s five children. At 94, he has remarkably clear and delightful memories of growing up on Walden Farm. He is a true storyteller!